Gareth David-Lloyd Still Visits Ianto Jones’ Torchwood Shrine in Cardiff

Torchwood hasn’t been on our screens since 2011. We’ve not seen Ianto Jones since 2009. But his fans are still holding out hope for his – and the show’s – return.

Pop over to Cardiff Bay, head towards the Torchwood Hub at Roald Dahl Plass (wasn’t that place blown up?!) , and you’ll see a shrine to Ianto Jones and the alien-investigating agency in general. But just sometimes, you might see a familiar face, staring at the tributes to the long-since-deceased character. Because actor, Gareth David-Lloyd says he still visits the shrine now and then:

“It’s quite strange – if there are ever any fans there at the same time as I’m there, they’re so invested in the fact that Ianto has gone and that this is a tribute, they don’t even notice I’m there! I’m much more likely to get noticed in Asda than I am at the shrine – and then there’s some people who have no idea what the show is about – they think it’s a real memorial.”

It’s true! Anyone who sees the shrine could quite well believe it’s a much-missed Welsh citizen: a real one.

I guess that’s the power of television and of storytelling in general. Doctor Who and Torchwood have some exceptionally-dedicated individuals who fully immerse themselves in the narratives. And as you’re here, visiting Kasterborous, you’re one of them.

David-Lloyd continues:

“I pay the odd visit – I’m very flattered and moved that people have gone to those lengths to show their appreciation for a character that I’ve played.”

If you miss Torchwood, of course, you could always turn to Big Finish, who are giving us monthly trips with the team. Some have even argued that this audio version is the quintessential Torchwood


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