Why a Doctor Who Slot Machine Makes Sense

Recently, I came across a slot machine titled Doctor Who The Timelord “Fruit Machine.” It was obviously a game created in the UK for it is only in that region where slot machines are still called fruit machines, despite the game having no fruit symbols on the reels at all.

To those who haven’t been to Las Vegas or haven’t really played any casino games lately, slot machines that carry with them commercially-licensed themes from popular TV series or big movie franchises have become a trend with casino game developers over the past few years. There are now slot machines that are themed after Batman, King Kong, and many others that are designed after pop culture icons with a huge cult following.

When you think about how huge Dr. Who is, it makes sense for game developers to actually make a casino title about the most popular Time Lord on Earth.

Doctor Who was first shown on TV in 1963, which means fans of the show back then are already old enough to go visit Vegas casinos to play the game. And with the program’s re-launch in 2005, fans of the show, who were teenagers then, are also old enough today to enter Las Vegas casinos and play. It’s a win-win situation for any casino to have this The Timelord title in their gaming area.

Slot machines have evolved quite beautifully over the years. If you checked out the YouTube link above that shows the Dr. Who Timelord Fruit Machine, you’ll see that it’s far from the basic slot machines that existed in the 70s that featured simple cherries, bars, and 7s on their reels. Today, slots have advanced in such a way that players are given free spins and bonus rounds whenever they unlock certain symbols on the reel. As for the Doctor Who The Timelord slot game, there’s some sort of a Monopoly board on top of the machine that allows players to randomly pick an icon that grants cash rewards. It looks like a pretty enjoyable game to play, what with celebratory music that comes along with every jackpot the player hits.

Slot machines have indeed come a long way, and that’s apparent not only with The Timelord slot game but with other slot machines as well. The wants of people change along with the times, and that includes the taste in technology that they interact with everyday. By taking advantage of today’s advancements in animation and design, slot machines are keeping themselves updated with what’s currently popular among gamers, especially the tech-savvy ones.


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