Art for Hearts: Peter McKinstry

If there’s another artist in the Whoniverse who holds the honor of being as brilliant as our own Anthony Dry, it’s definitely Peter McKinstry.

Peter has created concept designs for the last four seasons of Doctor Who, Torchwood, the most recent and upcoming Harry Potter films, Outcasts, and video games from the rather ingenious company known as Rare.  He’s also responsible for several book covers – including those of the Doctor Who: The Darksmith Legacy series.  He even designed the wonderful and memorable “To Victory!” poster from Victory of the Daleks!  And now, you could be the proud owner of a signed print of his art!

That’s right!  This week’s Art for Hearts auction piece is Peter McKinstry’s!  All you have to do is go to eBay and bid higher than anyone else for it to be yours!  But you’d best hurry – at 7:41 AM on Monday, you’ll be out of time to purchase this priceless angle of the Pentallion spaceship as seen in the David Tennant story, 42.

If you haven’t been keeping up, Art for Hearts is an ongoing auction of Doctor Who art that sees off a new creation every week and sends all of its proceeds to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for transplant research.  To learn more, check out or just read our introduction.

If you’re curious about Peter McKinstry, it may please you to know that we interviewed him in the olden days, while he was still at Rare and before he was even involved with the new series of Who!  It’s almost like flying through the vortex back in time!  He also has a marvelous website if you wish to have a look at his art; there’s quite a variety!

Patrick Riley


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