Yet Another TARDIS-Related Necessity

How many TARDIS accessories can you think of?  If you’re the type who likes to think over questions like that for a while before hearing an answer, wait before you read any further.  USB hub, cookie jar, levitating wonder, keyring, incoming call alerting thingy, interior, exterior, Rubik’s cube, Second Life vehicle… what will they think of next?

How about a mobile phone case, suggests LiveJournal user imaginarybf.

How could we forget the mobile case?! The TARDIS is a phone box after all!

As obvious as the idea ought to seem, it seems the merchandise think tank hasn’t managed to think it up yet.  Thus, you can’t get a TARDIS phone case made-to-order; you’re going to have to craft this one with your own fingers.

On the plus side, imaginarybf, or as she signs her name at the bottom of the LiveJournal post in question, Erika, has left us all instructions on exactly how to complete this not-so-daunting task.  You think this is going to be hard?  Try building a perfect Dalek birthday cake!

Another LiveJournal user, 14icedbear, referred in the comments of the instructions to the idea of modifying your ringtone to match the TARDIS engine… or should we say, improperly used brakes?  Either way, find the sound for your phone somewhere on the ‘net, slip your mobile in its case, et voila!  Instant Type 40 time-and-space machine!

Make your case with these instructions!

Patrick Riley


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