Merchandise is (Somewhat) Cool

We’re only four episodes into Doctor Who Series 6 Season 32 and already merchandise relating to all three stories we’ve seen are up for sale!

From manufacturer Half Moon Bay and available through Forbidden Planet, a new range of Doctor Who merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, and folder bags has hit the market.  They’re really rather simple concepts – each item just mentioned essentially has a picture of a character or characters from any of this season’s already-broadcast adventures with a quote beneath relating to him/her/them.  For example, one of the folder bags and one of the mugs features a hexagonal image of Matt Smith’s Doctor and Suranne Jones’ Idris with the caption “You are my thief!  My beautiful thief, look at you!”

Here’s the full range of t-shirts, shoulder bags, and mugs that have been created.  Note that several items have sold out, so if you want any of those you’ll have to watch their respective spaces.  T-shirts are listed by colour.

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

The Curse of the Black Spot

  • Doctor – “Please ignore all my theories up to this point.”  Bag; Mug
  • Amy – “What kind of rubbish pirates are you?”  Mug

The Doctor’s Wife – Available Sunday, May 29th

  • Doctor & Idris – “You are my thief!  My beautiful thief, look at you!”  Bag; Mug
  • Nephew the Ood – “Nephew was broken when he came here…”  Bag; Mug
  • Uncle – “Sorry about the mad person, she was supposed to  be dead!”  Bag; Mug

Admittedly, this is all fairly default stuff.  Nothing too creative in terms of concept; you get what it says on the tin: picture + quote on gifty sort of item, the manufacturer’s way of cashing in on Who fandom’s most current vibe.  Many would likely be more inclined to spend their hard-earned money on the more unique Whovian gems like the Tom Baker/Peter Davison costume t-shirts, but if you’re the sort who likes your stuff to sport the freshest Doctor Who one-liners available, and you don’t mind paying £24.99 for the folder bags, £16.99 for the t-shirts, and £5.99 for the mugs, more power to ya.

Patrick Riley


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