Every Torchwood Episode on DVD!

Torchwood all four series boxsetAs Series 4 of Torchwood comes to a close on Thursday, it’s perhaps the perfect time to revisit past glories (and failings). Rex and Esther are great, but there’s still room for Tosh, Owen and Ianto. So why not fork out those first three series and have a Torchwood marathon?

One possible response would be: ‘I haven’t got the DVDs.’ Fair enough. Me neither. I thought that the prices would dramatically drop, and hey, it’s not Doctor Who, therefore, I don’t have to get the boxset on Release Day. As such, I ended up with just series one. But that’s fine, because they released Torchwood: The Collection, with the first two series, plus Children of Earth. Amazon has it for just – – sold out?! What do you mean, sold out?

Calm your nerves. On 14th November, the Series 1-4 boxset (available for just £44.97 on Amazon!) will be released alongside the normal 2-disc Miracle Day DVD and Blu-ray:

“Torchwood follows the adventures of a team of investigators, led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness. Set in the UK in the present day, the team use scavenged alien technology in a very real world to solve crime; both alien and human. Separate from the government. Outside the police. Beyond the United Nations. Everyone who works for Torchwood is young, under 35. Some say that’s because it’s a new science. Others say it’s because they die young…”

Very ominous. And apt.

The boxset includes every Torchwood episode to date, including the latest Miracle Day, creepy From Out Of The Rain, Weevil-centric Combat, and the critically-acclaimed Children of Earth. The (very impressive) 17-disc DVD has an RRP of £44.99, while the 15-disc Blu-ray set will be available for about £48.69.

Meanwhile, John Barrowman recently told Female First that he still doesn’t know if there will be another series:

“In the States it has gone down really really well – we just have to keep our fingers crossed to see if there is another series on the cards – but again that’s not my decision; it’s a decision by the powers that be at Starz and the BBC.”

Could be why he’s angling for work then, eh…?


When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates (Kasterborous' former Editor) pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything. He is the co-founder of The Doctor Who Companion: http://thedoctorwhocompanion.com/

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