The Android Invasion Extras

Welcome to 2012, Kasterborites! We’ve got a nice couple of clips here from the forthcoming UNIT Tales boxset, specifically concerning The Android Invasion, a Terry Nation-penned adventure from 1975 starring Tom Baker and Lis Sladen as the Doctor and Sarah Jane.

The story is notable for being the last “full” UNIT tale, featuring John Levene and Ian Marter as RSM John Benton and former TARDIS traveller Harry Sullivan. Also in the cast is veteran character actor Milton Johns (who later appeared in 1978’s The Invasion of Time as the treacherous, toady Castellan Kelner and had previous played Theodore Benik in 1967’s The Enemy of the World). Younger viewers may recognise Johns from his regular role in Coronation Street in the 1990s or from the 2000s version of The Basil Brush Show.

The clips have been released by 2|entertain (you can follow them on Twitter @classicdw) and preview some of the extras on The Android Invasion.

In the first clip, Milton Johns and some of the creative crew discuss how believable the ‘eyepatch’ storyline is:

Meanwhile, producer Philip Hinchcliffe recalls being unhappy with one of the cliffhangers, which he decided to “creep up”:

Doctor Who: The UNIT Files is released on January 9th, 2012 and is available for pre-order now for just £22.47 from Amazon!


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