Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon

The Curse of Peladon Features in CSO Fanzine

CSO, a new cult TV fanzine, has launched, promising a look at the legendary TV shows that have gained cult status – including, of course, Doctor Who!


While Issue One also looks at the pilot episode of Lost in Space, Blake’s 7 and even Hi-De-Hi!, it’s certainly of interest to Whovians for its coverage of 1972’s The Curse of Peladon and the early ‘70s science fiction show, Doomwatch, created by Gerry Davis and Kit Pedlar (best-known for coming up with the Cybermen).

The Doomwatch article, written by Robert Lia, is a recollection of the series, spawned by the same idea that resulted in the Cybermen: a fear of new scientific notions and the unknown. Lia writes:

While on my teenage quest to learn more about the early episodes of Doctor Who… I stumbled on a reference to a BBC series created by Kit Pedlar and Gerry Davis called Doomwatch… The article described the BBC Science Fiction series as an ‘Eco-Thriller’ that dealt with mutating spiders and other kinds of ecological disasters and the results that were cleaned up by the members of the Doomwatch team.

The analysis of The Curse of Peladon, written by Richard Farrell, focuses especially on the political background of the Jon Pertwee tale (and anyone interested in that sort of thing should check out our own look at the context of Frontier in Space here).

The fanzine is named after the special effects used extensively by the production team during the Third Doctor era, known in the BBC as Colour Separation Overlay – CSO for short – or Chroma Key outside the broadcasting company.

CSO is available for £4.99, including postage, in the UK, and £8.99 worldwide. Head to their website at to place your order.


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