Penguin’s Doctor Who 2013 Publishing Calendar

More news has been released from Penguin Publishing regarding their release schedule of Doctor Who related books from January until November 2013.

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We’re already well underway with their short eBook series under their Puffin label that features a short story for a different Doctor every month but that isn’t all that the company is doing for the fiftieth anniversary.

April will see the release of not only the Doctor Who Anniversary Sticker Book for £7.99 (ISBN 9781405909150) but also a paperback version of Where’s the Doctor? for £5.99 (ISBN 9781405909044). The sticker book is fairly self explanatory; Where’s the Doctor? is a Doctor Who version of Where’s Wally – you’ll have to find the well hidden Time Lord in all sorts of different alien environments.

DW Annual 2014

The Official Doctor Who Annual 2014 (ISBN: 9781405911795) will be released on 1st August and will contain the usual puzzles, short stories and Doctor Who information that no fan should be without. October 2013 sees the release of Doctor Who: The Essential Guide to Fifty Years of Doctor Who which again, will pretty much do exactly what you expect it to and guide you through the life of the Doctor as well as the making of the show.

Eoin Colfer writes A Big Hand to the Doctor

Finally in November, you’ll be able to get your hands on Doctor Who: Anniversary Anthology, a paperback for £7.99. Will this contain all of the Puffin Doctor Who short stories that are currently being released in eBook format or something different?

We wait for the answer with bated breath! Here’s the full list:

  • Doctor Who: Puffin eShorts (January – November, eBooks, £1.99)
  • Doctor Who: Anniversary Sticker Book (4th April, £7.99, Paperback, 9781405909150)
  • Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor? (4th April, £5.99, Paperback Reissue, 9781405909044)
  • Doctor Who: Official Annual 2014 (1st August, £7.99, Hardback, 9781405911795)
  • Doctor Who: The Essential Guide to Fifty Years of Doctor Who (October, Hardback, £12.99)
  • Doctor Who: Anniversary Anthology (November, Paperback, £7.99)


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