Special Weapons Dalek Coming Soon…!

Coming to blast away your entire rogue Dalek figures the Special Weapons Dalek – a much desired collector’s item when first released as part of the Remembrance of the Daleks set – is set to be sold separately in the next wave of Dalek figures and will come complete with sound effects! Boom! Bang! Zap!

Special Weapons Dalek

Although there are no exact dates or details, Doctor Who Merchandise have reported that:

•SFX Dalek wave 2 will consist of SEVEN figures;

•SFX Special Weapons Dalek on Its Way (probably an Underground Toys/Forbidden Planet exclusive);

•Unless plans change the Dalek in the third Toys R Us set will be very “different and special” from any other. (No, it’s not the clear or Supreme Daleks);

•The new 3.75″ figures will include randomly placed “Rare” variants.

Speculation on the site suggests that the Special Weapons Dalek will be 5”, that the ‘different and special’ Dalek will not be the second Dalek movie variants, and that finding the ‘rare’ variations will require fans to search in store only.

Pyramids of Mars set

Other Daleks included in Character Options 5” Sound Effects Daleks Wave 2 are: Ironside Dalek from Victory of the Daleks; Supreme Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks; Supreme Dalek from Resurrection of the Daleks; Guard Dalek from The Chase; Supreme Dalek from Dalek Invasion of Earth; and Supreme Dalek from Planet of the Daleks.

The site also has a selection of packaging images from the 3.75” Dalek play-set box and the more exciting Pyramids of Mars “Priory” set box which includes: Masked Sutekh complete figure with light up eyes, Marcus Scarman (interchangeable head with Jackal from the first Pyramids of Mars set), Two Canopic Jars, Sarcophagus (with vortex insert when open), Coordinate selector and build up 3D Cardboard Osirian Rocket.

Head over to The Doctor Who Site to check them out!


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