Big Finish’s Fifty For A Fiver Each!

Big Finish is offering a very special treat for fans of Doctor Who in honour of the show’s 50th birthday this year, the first 50 titles in their main Doctor Who audio range will have their prices permanently reduced to £5 each on CD or £2.99 each via download!

bf-sparepartsFrom this month, the price cuts will take place which will also mean a reduction on the price of subscriptions for the first 50 titles as well.

As of now, a subscription for 12 Doctor Who main range releases within the first 1-50 will cost £50 for the CDs or £32 for download-only. If you were after a subscription for 6 main range releases within the first 50, that will now cost £25 for the CDs and £16 for downloads only.

Of course, there is another reason for this as well; Big Finish will be ceasing to repress their first 50 Doctor Who main range releases (covering stories from 1999-2003) once the CD stock runs out – from then on it will be available via download only. Big Finish is strongly committed to their ongoing CD releases but as the world has developed, so have they as Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs pointed out:

Most other CD publishers we’re aware of delete titles from their catalogues within months… We’ve had a policy of constantly repressing and keeping everything available on CD. But with the option of being able to keep everything available as downloads, we felt it was time to give these titles a last hurrah as shiny discs.


Most of our sales are still on CD, but for these much older releases the CD sales have trickled down to almost nothing, so it makes sense not to keep large amounts of stock of items that sell at a very low rate.

Dust Breeding

So don’t panic, you’ll still have the option to buy CDs of your favourite Big Finish Doctor Who adventures from story 51 onwards. If however, you have any gaps in your collection for stories 1-50, now is the best time to stock up.

So if you haven’t listened to The Genocide Machine, The Apocalypse Element, Dust Breeding, Loups-Garoux,  Bloodtide, The Chimes of Midnight, Neverland, Spare Parts, Jubilee, Davros or Zagreus then now is the perfect time to start.

Visit Big Finish for more details.


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