Current Models From The Doctor Who Figurine Collection

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection continues to issue figurines of the Doctor Who variety with the next four models unveiled from the initial, named 23 (twenty three!) collectables – and come number seventeen, we’ll have our first classic Doctor in the 1:21 scale form of the Fourth Doctor!

Available to buy online now are the fourteenth and fiftieth figurines; a menacing example of the Cybermen, as featured in rather disappointing Nightmare in Silver and the almighty Omega, from the brilliantly daft The Three Doctors.

Ending Omega’s reign on the 27th March (because death was the only freedom anyone could offer Omega) are the Vashta Nerada; or to put it bluntly, someone’s skeleton being manipulated by that shadowy presence who after stalking about for a fortnight, will be replaced by the irrepressible Fourth Doctor – modelled on his Pyramid of Mars attire – on the 10th April.

Naturally, following on from the Fourth Doctor, comes the Judoon, as modelled on their debut appearance in Smith and Jones, who’ll be so to flo blo lo kro no go · ho kro so · ho blo to · blo no do · kno kro co kno kro no go · ho kro so · so ho kro no flo so · because they are so mean, on the 24th April.

Each hand-painted figurine comes with an essential magazine featuring in-depth character analysis and the inside story behind the featured episode.

You can order each issue from the Doctor Who Figurine Collection website from Eaglemoss Publications for £6.99, or if you prefer, from Forbidden Planet.


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