Out Now: The New Who Programme Guide!

Anyone with fond memories of Jean-Marc Lofficier’s original Doctor Who Programme Guide will be happy to hear that a new volume is out now, focusing solely on NuWho!

Though Lofficier doesn’t return for this episode guide, he does provide an introduction for the reference book, this time written by Paul Smith.

Smith was at least partly responsible for three previous brilliant publications, having written The Classic Doctor Who DVD Compendium; designed Time & Space Visualiser: The Story and History of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations; and produced The Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965. This new 237-page tome covers Doctors Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven, including bonus shorts like Time and Space (the Comic Relief one-offs), interactive adventures like The Crash of the Elysium, and The Adventure Games.

In 1981, the publication of Jean-Marc Lofficier’s original ‘Doctor Who Programme Guide’ was a seminal moment in the history of Doctor Who reference books (and in many young fans’ enthralment by the series). This and the updated edition in 1989 — which covered up to what turned out to be the end of the Classic era — became the series bible for fans throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The New Who Programme Guide 2

Now the legacy of that original guide continues. Picking up where the 1989 edition left off, ‘The New Who Programme Guide’ covers the revived series from the debut of the Eighth Doctor to the passing of the Eleventh. Every television adventure, plus the many mini-episodes and prequels produced for broadcast and DVD, is detailed in the same clear and concise format.

Each has a full cast list featuring both credited and notable non-speaking roles; the names of the writer, director and producers; and a brand new synopsis of the storyline. There is also a rundown of in-character appearances by the regular cast outside the main programme, and indexes of every actor, writer, director and producer to have worked on the show.

Presented in the same compact and easy-to-use form as the original ‘Doctor Who Programme Guide’, the book is the perfect companion to Lofficier’s original and a handy quick-reference guide to the New Series.

Made by Wonderful Books, The New Who Programme Guide is available now from Amazon UK for £7.99, and Amazon.com for $11.99.


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