Boldly Going Beyond Who: Three New Star Trek Products From Lovarzi

You know them for their sterling Doctor Who and Sherlock range, but now, Lovarzi have a new mission: to explore sexy merchandise, to seek out new swag and new fully licenced loot, to boldly go where no company has gone before – with the launch of the first of three items of their officially-licensed Star Trek range – that’s two umbrellas to protect you from the perpetual rain of Ferenginar, and a pure silk scarf, to protect you from, well wind…

Honouring the ground-breaking 1966-69 run, the Original Series Emblems Stick Umbrella boasts bright panels representing the three main insignias from the original series emblazoned on their best-known respective colours: Science (prominently worn by Spock), Engineering (which you’ll recognise from Scotty’s uniform), and of course Command, (worn by Captain Pike – no, wait – Captain James T. Kirk).


Or perhaps you fancy something that demarks your love for all things Trek but can also fit inside a handbag? Then why not clutch tightly to the Live Long and Prosper Folding Umbrella. Pay tribute to Spock and his immortal adage with this Vulcan Salute adorned folding Umbrella, which also fits inside a specially-designed carry-case.


Now, we all know the TARDIS is the greatest ship in the gallery but you which ships have the better chairs? Starfleet crafts. So why not celebrate those crafts and their sexy chairs with a Ships of Line Scarf.

Naturally, this 100% pure silk scarf features the original U.S.S. Enterprise (registry number NCC-1701), as well as the NX-01 model from Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-05) and the Enterprise-D, used primarily in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987- 94) and the 1994 Generations movie but which also made brief appearances in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993- 99), and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Further ships on the space-coloured scarf include the U.S.S. Defiant (Deep Space Nine); U.S.S. Voyager (which was piloted by Captain Janeway in the 1995- 2001 series of the same name); and the U.S.S. Stargazer and Nebula Class in the Starfleet, both of which appeared in The Next Generation.

The Original Series Emblems Stick Umbrella, Live Long and Prosper Folding Umbrella, and Ships of Line Scarf will be available to pre-order over the next month from


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