The Underwater Menace DVD gets US Release Date

Those of us who live in the US have grown accustomed to getting Doctor Who releases slightly behind our British brethren. It usually comes out a few weeks or so after the release in England/Europe. That’s a heck of a lot better than it was in the ’80s when it would take two YEARS to get new episodes, but I digress.

The final story in the classic Doctor Who DVD line has finally been given a release date here in the United States/North America. It’s scheduled to come out on January 19th, according to our friends over at It is out already in the UK (Oct 26), so those of us on this side of the pond will have to wait until the new year to get this. You can pre-order it at

This release has had a bit of a tortured history.  The two existing episodes (2 & 3) were supposed to be released alongside animation similar to other past releases, but that was scrapped. There’s been talk as to why (some claiming the omnirumour stopped it), but no matter what story you believe, it certainly got held up for whatever reason. The final product is a bit of a downer, as the animation was scrapped. It has stills with audio for Episodes 1 & 4, and no narration so it all looks a bit of a pickle. Nothing in the way of extras. It was a very basic release. From the stories I’ve read, it has a feel of “let’s get this out to get the fans to quiet down”.

Still, having said that, I’ll pick it up, as I tend to buy almost every Hartnell or Troughton DVD out there. With this being the end of the line for the Classic Who DVD line, what’s next? Probably nothing, but I’d like to see Blu-Ray season box sets. You’d probably have to done some combining for Hartnell & Troughton – possibly even a single set containing all the Troughton stories on it. Who knows.

But for those of us in the States, we still have a little waiting left to do for the DVD’s release…



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