What The Heck is Cubicle 7’s Doctor Who Range?!

Cubicle 7 has created a Doctor Who role-playing game (RPG) to help us increase our nerd. They describe themselves as a creative team who ‘make clever games for awesome people.’ Over the years they have made a Doctor Who Card Game, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, The One Ring, World War Cthulhu and many other role playing games for us to enjoy. Check out a list of the other games that they make here.

Of course, our interest concerns the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space which has recently been updated to include our favourite grumpy Scotsman. But what on Gallifrey is Adventures in Time and Space and what does it bring as a Doctor Who-based RPG?

Their website describes Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space as:

[A] roleplaying game set in the universe of the world’s longest-running science fiction show on TV: the BBC’s Doctor Who. In it you take on the role of the Doctor (any one of his twelve incarnations!) and his companions (any one of them too – or you might make up your own one) and embark on your own adventures across time and space.

Or you might decide to make up your own Time Lord and their own companions too, and see what happens when they set off in their own TARDIS, or create a rag-tag bunch of time agents lost in time, or a UNIT base tasked with protecting their corner of the Earth. With the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space roleplaying game, the power is in your hands!

The whole of time and space is out there, full of new places to see and adventures to be had – what are you waiting for?

My first main concern considered the system that it would use in play and how simple or difficult it might be to implement. However, according to Cubicle 7:

[It] uses a quick and easy set of rules that encourage quick thinking, puzzle solving and a sense of adventure – all you need is a couple of normal, six-sided dice and some friends to play with.

The system is simple enough to pick up in moments – roll two dice, add them to a skill + stat and compare the total to a difficulty number. The more you beat it by, the better you did. Throw in Story Points, which allow you to escape the villain’s traps, introduce your own story elements, invent crazy gadgets and save the day in spectacular fashion, and the system really encourages the sort of adventures you see on the show.

RPG Cuble 7 - 12th Doctor

For fans of both New and Classic Who, there are rulebooks for RPGs of each Doctor’s era (excluding the War Doctor at present). On Cubicle 7’s website, they are offering the complete set consisting of Volumes One through to Eleven (the Twelfth Doctor book was not available at the time the offer was created) which catalogues every single televised adventure the Doctor has ever had. Every single adventure write up is accompanied by ideas and tips on how to run something similar in your own Doctor Who RPG games.

But now, this new edition of the rulebook, fully updated with imagery from the Twelfth Doctor’s adventures, presents all the rules and background you need to have your own adventures in time and space in a single volume. Even if you are not into your RPGs then they’re an invaluable collection of Doctor Who lore. They are a great read for any fan of the show.

Check out this free taster of the Twelfth Doctor All of Time and Space Volume 1.

If you liked what you saw, then head to the Cubicle 7 store to browse and purchase what the company has on offer for us Doctor Who fans.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got an awful lot of running to do.


Katie came crashing into Doctor Who with the new series back in 2005. Despite this, her love for the Classic series is boundless. Her favourite story will forever be 'The Three Doctors' but every other story is tied in joint second place. She is currently studying for an MA in Cultural History at the University of Liverpool looking at Classic comedy and Doctor Who. She is a keen circus performer, avid book worm and all around nerd. Check out some of her ramblings and exploits by looking for BritishAlien around the interwebs!

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