Capaldi and Coleman Introduce The Zygon Invasion

Capaldi and Coleman Introduce The Zygon Invasion

Not long until The Zygon Invasion now – anyone else excited? Just to add to the suspense, here’s Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman introducing the episode. And oh yes! Brief clips too, including seeing the Twelfth Doctor come face-to-face with Colonel Walsh (Rebeca Front). The serial, written by Peter Harness, is getting absolutely astounding reviews, including Impact Online,…


Big Finish Review – Criss-Cross

Bletchley Park. Britain’s most secret weapon in the Second World War. Inside draughty huts, the earliest computers clatter day and night, decoding enemy transmissions and revealing intelligence crucial to the country’s defence. Leading WREN Mrs Constance Clarke directs her charges to provide vital assistance to the boffins stationed in the Manor House. But a recent arrival among the code-breakers, the mysterious Dr Smith, has…

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