Reviewed: Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Part 1 The Eleventh Doctor

So we begin.

Over the next 160 weeks or so I’ll be reviewing selected issues from the latest Doctor Who part work; the Doctor Who Figurine Collection. This smart-looking series is said to last around 80 issues celebrating the new and some of the classic characters from the world of the much-loved show. I’ll also be reviewing the much talked about special characters and objects that those who subscribe to the premium subscription will receive.

I would like to publicly thank all those at Eaglemoss, especially Emma Thackara for arranging all the review issues and images that will form this run of reviews.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Part 1 The Eleventh Doctor
If, like me, you feel you need to get everything that’s branded with the Doctor Who logo or name then your heart must have sunk when you heard of another collectable series being released. There are already a number of Doctor Who part works running now for collectors but the Doctor Who Figurine Collection offers fans a little bit something extra, namely a rather cool model that puts some figures to shame.

The magazine is split into sections so will look at each one for each issue individually:

  • The Figurine – This first issue starts by looking at the formation of the Eleventh Doctor’s guise and style, what influenced this look and the many hats he’s enjoyed wearing. It also explains why they chose to create the figurine in such a pose. A nice idea that looks at the logic of it all.
  • A Moment In Time – This first issue concentrates on The Pandorica Opens episode. This is a smartly written account of the episode’s creation quoting from Steven Moffat and Director Toby Haynes accompanied by some production shots I’d never seen before.
  • 50 Years Of Doctor Who – A timeline about 1963 and the creation of Doctor Who serves as a handy who’s who of the inception of the series and the other goings on in the world at this time.
  • Doctor Who Universe – Another informative introduction this time the TARDIS takes centre stage. Breaking down each of its features e.g. explaining what the Cloister Bell is and breaks up the control area into six parts. Now, this only looks at the 10th/11th Doctor’s style (not the new 11th Doctor’s version) so hopefully they’ll return to the TARDIS and talk more about its abilities.
  • Myths And Mysteries – The section that dares ask the questions we wanted answering (or basically a page that looks at plot holes) is fun asking and answering things such as “Why didn’t the alliance just shoot the Doctor?”.
  • Who People – This quick look at with show runner Steven Moffat’s career up to and including new Who seems a bit of a last-minute decision and doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection issue 1

The figurine for this issue has the Doctor in a striking pose from his speech at Stonehenge. Nicely finished with some subtle detail, such as the silver clips on his braces and stripes on his shirt the resemblance is better than the recent 3.5 inch pieces. The Doctor’s coat appears to be flapping whilst his red bow-tie stands out. This heavy figurine has set quite a high standard.

So then, this is a strong and fun issue that is a perfect introduction to the series. There’s nothing new for hardcore fans except for the figurine but this is quite a finely detailed model that makes the £2.99 cover price very attractive. However, from here on issues are £7.99 or £8.99 if you go with the premium subscription.


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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