Doctor Who Figurine Collection #2 - Davros

Reviewed: Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Part 2 Davros

Davros, one of Doctor Who‘s most enigmatic villains, makes an early appearance in this figurine range. Though initially disappointed that it’s the version from the David Tennant adventure Journey’s End (I’m not dissing Julian Bleach’s performance, it’s just I prefer the design of Michael Wisher’s Davros from Genesis Of The Daleks) this is a great looking collectable.

Issue 2 features:

The Figurine – Looking at the regeneration of a Doctor Who icon these first few pages highlight what was carried over from Classic Who to this incarnation such as the robot hand and the headpiece, although minus the balls. It looks at how each part of the costume and its base was re-designed and why. It does touch upon Terry Molloy’s stint in the chair but without a lot of detail.

A Moment In TimeJourney’s End isn’t my favourite episode of the new series. I feel it panders too much to fans and is way over-the-top to be involving. What held it together was an inspired performance from Julian Bleach. His Davros kept the tone dark and pure evilness giving the story more depth than it deserved. Here we learn of how and why RTD brought the Daleks back and their creator plus his fears of having a crowded TARDIS.

50 Years Of Doctor Who – The timeline arrives at 1964, a pivotal year in many ways for the first pieces of merchandise were released, Dalekmania was on the verge of happening and Christopher Eccleston was born.

Davros figurine

Doctor Who Universe – The men and women of UNIT are scrutinised in this section which includes a quick pre-history of the force. It’s a timely reminder of the Classic era’s many happy adventures with the UNIT family and picks out its finest adventures. It also scans the Doctor’s deteriorating association with UNIT.

Myths And Mysteries – The section that dares ask the questions continues with such important enquiries such as “Why do the Daleks want to destroy reality?” and “Didn’t the Daleks try to move the Earth before?”

Who People – This brief history of the legend that is Ray Cusick looks at his work on the first few years of Doctor Who and how he truly was the creator of the Daleks.

But what about Davros? Heavy with plenty of sinister detail, this is the best looking Davros collectable I’ve seen. His skin tone and yellow teeth capture the rotting detail of the new TV version. His base is well painted though his control panel seems to be lacking some colour detail. I have seen some with the index finger broken so do check before you buy.

So then, a good issue but I wonder how long it will be until we get our first figure from the Classic series.


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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