Reviewed: Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Part 4 Weeping Angel

Of all the new monsters to have emerged from the new run of Doctor Who the Weeping Angels surely rank at the top of everyone’s lists. These temporal vampires brought back memories of the gothic horror we enjoyed so much in the Baker era and actually did send some younger viewers behind the sofa, well they did in my house anyway. The Weeping Angel figure for this issue is taken from the Flesh And Stone episode.

The Magazine

The Figurine – It’s amazing to consider that a creature you never actually see move can be one of the most impressive and this look as the design of the Weeping Angels and how various costumes are created. We also discover the problems encountered by Millennium FX such as how to stop the wings from wobbling. Nice to see the cherubs getting some coverage too, these added much creepiness to the series.

A Moment In TimeFlesh And Stone was the second of a two part adventure that started with The Time Of Angels and personally speaking its not as good as their first appearance in Blink. It lacked the claustrophobic atmosphere of thier first appearance and turned the action quota up making the show feel and look bigger which is not always means better. It also contained the return of River Song and was Matt’s first full story to be recorded. In this section we learn the advice he was given from the 5th and 10th Doctors and the problems encountered during production of this loud piece of television.



50 Years Of Doctor Who – We reach the first half of 1965 and learn how Dalekmania was in full swing and that TV Century 21 were producing colour comic strips of these metal monsters. It was also the time Robert Holmes first made contact with the series. Other things were happening in the world such as the release of The Sound Of Music but, more notable for Doctor Who fans, we would meet someone from the Doctor’s people, the Meddling Monk.

Doctor Who Universe – This is a brief history of err, history seen in Doctor Who is a fun look at the real and original characters seen in the show and the paradoxes created if the Doctor changes timelines. My favourite here is Scaroth, now what would his mask look like in the new series?

Myths And Mysteries – The section that dares ask the questions continues with such important enquiries such as “Why Can’t The Weeping Angels Talk?” and “What Does Quantum Locked Actually Mean?”

Who People – Russell T Davies was the man who brought back Doctor Who and was Showrunner and Head Writer from 2005 till 2010. Here briefly celebrate his ability to give the show the resurrection it needed, how he injected humour and heart into its structure and paved the way for the series to become the global hit it is.


Though we’re only a few issues in, this figurine is exceptional and easily my favourite so far. The Weeping Angel is captured with arms outstretched and fanged mouth wide open, silently screaming. The paintwork perfectly captures the stone effect and the skirt is littered with perfectly placed cracks. Very impressive.

Another fine issues, good features with a figurine that’s well worth the asking price. Next up is a Silurian Warrior, though not from the classic era.


James has been a Doctor Who fan for as long as he can recall. A child of the 70s and 80s, he weathered all the storms and controversies the show encountered, though he didn’t buy the “Doctor In Distress” single.

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