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Planet of the Spiders DVD Cover!

Thanks to 2|entertain we have the final cover for the new Planet of the Spiders DVD, set for release in April! Starring Jon Pertwee and Lis Sladen, Planet of the Spiders ties up various loose ends from the last two seasons of the Third Doctor’s adventures… At a Tibetan retreat in the English countryside, a…

Impending Terry Nation Biography

Elisabeth Sladen autobiography, news has also surfaced of the release of a previously-reported pseudo-autobiography (in other words, just a regular biography) about and titled The Man Who Invented the Daleks: The Strange Worlds of Terry Nation. “Terry Nation was one of the most successful and prolific writers for television and radio that Britain ever produced….

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith is getting old. She’s getting forgetful, to the point where she puts Clyde and Rani’s lives in danger. Luckily, her replacement, Ruby (Julie Graham, with clothes on), just moved in next door. After initially appearing aloof and frosty, very much like Sarah Jane herself at the very start of the series, Invasion…

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