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Here’s Why Human Nature/ The Family of Blood is Your Favourite Series 3 Serial

It’s a result that has prompted a good deal of surprise here at Kasterborous Towers. We may not be talking crack-in-the-fabric-of-space-and-time levels of shock but, make no mistake, eyebrows have been raised at the result of our poll to find readers’ favourite story from Series 3. The winner was sure to be Blink, right? Steven Moffat’s brilliant, beautifully intricate, all-conquering episode which gave…

Human Nature: “Tragic Romance”

Doctor Who has turned up in a few lists of late – most interesting of them outside of the world of politics (more on that later today) was this St. Valentine’s Day tribute to the most tragic romances in “geek fiction”. Who are you calling “geek”, Wired.com? Anyway… there are a couple of tragic romances…

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