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059 The Daemons

In one sentence: the Doctor and UNIT must stop the Master, who plans on summoning the Devil by the means of black magic in the crypt under the church of an English country village. That’s it, right there; that’s the story. Whereas, in life, actions tend to speak louder than words, in television – at…


058 Colony in Space

Anyone who knows me (and the even fewer who’ll admit it) will be aware that, in the mid-1990s, when the UK GOLD channel used to broadcast omnibus Doctor Who stories early on a Sunday morning, I would watch these feeling slightly the worse for wear after a Saturday night. Also, the picture quality wasn’t the…

Remembering Jon Pertwee on the Anniversary of his Birth with Wink Taylor

Remembering Jon Pertwee on the Anniversary of his Birth with Wink Taylor

On July 7th 1919, Jon Pertwee was born. Let’s celebrate the great man’s birthday with Wink Taylor’s interpretation of the Third Doctor! We’ve featured Wink Taylor’s work on Kasterborous previously, but this is a particularly special piece of voice artistry, and well-timed for the anniversary of Jon Pertwee’s birthday. It can be no coincidence that…


Is a Lack of Compelling Villains Killing Moffat’s Doctor Who?

When was the last time a one-off Doctor Who villain really grabbed you? And is CGI going OTT in the cinema and on TV? These are just two of the topics under discussion in this week’s podKast which also features a one-off very different theme tune… Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova are your hosts….

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