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WATCH: The Making of The Doctor Who Experience

WATCH: The Making of The Doctor Who Experience

Ever wondered how the Doctor Who Experience’s new footage starring Peter Capaldi in a variety of TARDIS console rooms was made? Yes you have, don’t be silly. In the video above, see director Paul Wilmshurst (Mummy on the Orient Express), designer Michael Bennet and writer Joseph Lidster talking about the development and production of these scenes, and watch…

Doctor Who: The Aztecs Special Edition cover art

The Aztecs: Special Edition DVD Contents

March’s classic Doctor Who DVD release is a newly remastered edition of classic First Doctor adventure, The Aztecs! Along a range of new extras, the disc also includes the third episode of Galaxy 4, recently discovered and returned to the BBC. So what’s it all about? The TARDIS arrives in fifteenth century Mexico inside the…

Audio Adventures for Captain Jack in Torchwood: Red Skies, by Joseph Lidster

New Torchwood Audio Drama!

As anybody who has seen Torchwood: Miracle Day and Children Of Earth knows, the human race have been somewhat dick-ish lately, what with the concentration camps for immortal people and whatnot. So it’s no surprise that our man Jack would need a break from the human race. So he heads to a planet which is…

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