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Doctor Who chief writer Steven Moffat

Robocop Daleks, Blurred Lines Pastiche, Tom Baker Talks (A Lot) & Moffat Bigger Than Bono

Truth seekers! It’s time once again to take your tired old news to one of our news gurus and get a flashy, brand news upgrade including Mircosoft’s robo-apocalypse, Steven Moffat: Rock God, and a few snap shots of Doctor Who history. Dystopian Dalek Future Unveiled Borrowing a dystopian nightmare or two from your DVD collection,…


How Flatline Compares With Other Miniaturisation Stories in Doctor Who

It’s a small universe after all! Series 8 has seen two – count ’em, two – stories that have involved miniaturisation! Miniaturisation is definitely not a new concept for Doctor Who, with several stories over the years involving large things being turned into small things. And putting aside the Master’s shrink ray – or “Tissue Compression Eliminator”…

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