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Ultimate Regeneration is the title of the first book from Kasterborous. Written and edited by Christian Cawley, ably assisted by Brian Terranova and with contributions from Anthony Dry, Simon Mills, Thomas Willam Spychalski, Gareth Kavanagh and many more, the book tells the real-time critical story of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who.

Featuring essays, articles, reviews and interviews, the full story is put into context with a running commentary on the main events in Doctor Who news and fandom.

Including 60 Doctor Who reviews from Rose to The End of Time, Part Two, over 30 articles including character, actor and writer profiles and bursting with typical Kasterborous verve, Ultimate Regeneration tells the full story of the 2005-2010 era of Doctor Who, covering 2 Doctors, 5 companions and one visionary showrunner.

Ultimate Regeneration features essays, articles, reviews and interviews, with the full story placed into context with a running commentary on the main events in Doctor Who news and the reaction of fandom.

Unlike other website to book translations, Ultimate Regeneration consists of an almost 50-50 split of content previously seen online and original material, making this a unique and reliable episode by episode account of the “first impression” feelings of the episode reviewers.

Doctor Who: Ultimate RegenerationWithin, you will find studies on Donna Noble, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones (to name but a few), references to press reaction of various episodes, overarching discussions into each series and quite a lot of original material.

Running to 300 pages, Ultimate Regeneration is intended to the the “ultimate” independent record of 5 full years of Doctor Who.

We’ve had a great reaction to the book so far, with massive support at the pre-order stage allowing the project to take place, and versions of Ultimate Regeneration should shortly be available on Amazon in both print and eBook form.

Now we wouldn’t expect you to part with your hard-earned cash on just a few reviews and a smashing cover by Anthony Dry (whose work you might recognise from DWM and the new series DVD boxsets) without giving you the chance to read a few words from the book itself.

After all, that’s what we all do in bookshops!

First of all, a short passage on the issue of canon, and the question of how books and audios can be reconciled:

“Episodes of Doctor Who since 2005 had relied on some of the highlights of the various spin-off media, notably Dalek and its similarities with the Sixth Doctor adventure Jubilee from Big Finish (both were written by Rob Shearman) and 2006’s Rise of the Cybermen, which owed a little to Marc Platt’s Spare Parts, again a Big Finish production, this time featuring the Fifth Doctor.

While the events of these adventures could conceivably occur to the same chap – particularly one who has lived for many, many years, there remains the question of Human Nature…”

A brief introduction to the first “audience-splitter”, Love & Monsters!

Love & Monsters– bigged up in DWM by Russell T. Davies as the first Doctor Who story to have an ampersand in its title – represented the first real collaboration between Doctor Who and Blue Peter since the TARDIS returned in 2005.

The relationship between the two shows is well known and has been charted in several DVD documentaries; they’ve shared personnel (most notably Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves who had previously been Steven Taylor, companion to William Hartnell’s First Doctor) and the enduring children’s magazine show has regularly featured Daleks, monsters, K-9, Whomobiles and various Doctors.

Ultimate Regeneration features reviews by many Kasterborous personnel, including Brian Terranova:

“An interesting turn of phrase there by Brian A Terranova: “Doctor Who has got its groove back.” I’d like to qualify this by telling you that Brian is in fact an aged 1960s hipster with a liking for Belgian jazz and hemp, but he’s not. He’s just a Doctor Who fan with too many Character Options figures and replica outfits and props.”

And a few words about the book itself. This is from the cover blurb, and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

“Whether you enjoyed Davies’ vision of Doctor Who or not, Ultimate Regeneration tells the story of how the show was received both by the public and by a small group of long-term Doctor Who fans who really weren’t sure if they would enjoy a reformatted version of their favourite show.

“Some reviews might be considered scathing; others generous. What should be remembered is that these pages contain 60 reviews written within hours of the episodes being aired on TV. Emotions can run high when the subject is your favourite television show, so prepare to be astonished and dismayed as the regular contributors of one of the Internet’s most popular Doctor Who websites learned to stop worrying and love the modern series.”

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