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    Theta Sigma MP

    Found out from last week’s Sydney Sunday Telegraph tv guide that a John Barrymore had been made a series regular in Arrow season 3.
    I wondered who this John Barrymore was as it couldn’t be either of the two actors that I know of by that name as they are both dead.
    I soon found out that this was an error on the part of the said tv guide because what I found out is that it is John Barrowman who has been made a series regular on Arrow. It was a mistake with the spelling of his surname!


    Theta Sigma MP

    Brandon Routh and Devon Aoki have been cast in season 3 of Arrow.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Calm:

    Season 3 opener.

    The episode title refers to that saying of the calm before the storm and it certainly felt this way here.

    Brandon Routh makes his debut in the series as Ray Palmer. Years after his one turn as Superman in Superman Returns, Routh seems to making a knack in contrast of playing bad guys and Palmer does feel like a bad guy.

    Interesting flashbacks to Oliver’s time in Hong Kong.

    Grant Gustin makes a cameo as Barry Allen/The Flash. This sets up a meeting between Barry and Arrow that was seen earlier to the American viewer in The Flash series premiere. My guess is that Arrow’s cameo in The Flash was intended as a surprise, in fact Stephen Amell’s name only appears in the end credits of The Flash opener, a surprise that would have been given away if the American viewer has seen Barry Allen’s cameo in Arrow first.

    Sara sees someone she recognises, but of course a face that isn’t seen by us the viewer, before she gets killed by this person. Sadly it looks like she is definitely dead this time.


    Theta Sigma MP


    Season 3, Episode 2.

    With Oliver and the others finding out from Laurel, Sara’s death as Laurel brought to them her body,

    they investigate who killed her.

    Not surprisingly they don’t find the identity of the killer in this episode as the person they thought killed her Simon Lacroix was not anywhere near her when she got killed.

    Sympathise with Laurel on not being able to tell her father the death of Sara.

    Intriguing flashback to Oliver’s time in Hong Kong when Tommy was there looking for him and Oliver was tasked in killing him. Luckily enough Oliver devised a way in saving Tommy without of course revealing that he is alive at that time.

    The episode ends with Thea’s current location with Malcolm as she calls him Dad. Somehow it does feel worrying with her finally accepting him as her father.



    Theta Sigma MP

    Corto Maltese:

    Season 3, Episode 3.

    Oliver gets Thea home and that involve telling her the truth about Robert’s death. Quite bold of him to finally tell her that.

    Interesting flashback of Malcolm’s training of Thea.

    Not surprising that after Oliver refused to train Laurel how to fight she goes to another avenue for such a training.

    Quite a surprise on who turned up at the end and the person she demands to see.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Magician:

    Season 3, Episode 4.

    Emily Betts Rickards as Felicity only turns up briefly late in this episode as she was in Central City to visit Barry in The Flash 1.4 Going Rogue.

    With Nyssa in tow, the investigation of Sara’s death leads to Malcolm Merlyn as the murder suspect.

    The episode title refers to Malcolm and since he is played by John Barrowman who plays Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who it is worthy to point out that Doctor Who will open its next season with the similarly titled The Magician’s Apprentice.

    Somewhat strange that Oliver ultimately gives Malcolm his protection from being killed by Nyssa.

    Intriguing meeting of Nyssa with her father Ra’s al Ghul and the flashback to Oliver’s first assignment as an assassin.


    Theta Sigma MP


    Season 3, Episode 6.

    Someone has been killing off gang members and we find out here that Laurel’s trainer Ted is a former vigilante. Never expected this revelation to be made.

    Roy confesses to the others that he killed Sara only for it to be later revealed to be that of a suppressed memory of him killing a cop that got mixed up with knowing about Sara’s murder. Knew it was not as clear cut as that. Glad that Roy did not kill Sara but as Roy acknowledges himself he is still a murderer for killing that cop.

    Surprising end to the episode when Cupid turns up.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Arrow has been renewed for a fourth season.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Draw Back Your Bow:

    Season 3, Episode 7.

    Not a bad battle between Arrow and Cupid. Funny combination here since Cupid always uses the arrow.

    Eventually Arrow’s defeat of Cupid lead to him getting her into the Suicide Squad.

    Also not bad flashbacks to Hong Kong including showing something bad might have happened to Maseo.

    We get a hint of Ray one day becoming Arom. In fact there is a prospect of him getting his own spin-off series.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Brave and the Bold:

    Season 3, Episode 8.

    Following on from Oliver/Arrow, Felicity and Diggle being in Central City in The Flash 1.8 Flash vs Arrow, Barry/The Flash, Caitlin and Cisco returns the favour here by turning up in Starling City.

    The boomerang killer is identified as Digger Harkness. Coincidentally Arrow cast member John Barrowman (who incidentally is not in this episode) played Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who & Torchwood. It is a coincidence because Digger Harkness was a comic book character long before Captain Jack first turned up in Doctor Who.

    Pretty good episode in which the Arrow and The Flash characters joined together to defeat Digger Harkness especially with the climax with defusing the bombs and how The Flash figured on defusing them very quickly notwithstanding his given speed.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Climb:

    Mid-season 3 finale.

    This episode featured three Doctor Who companion actors.

    As well as John Barrowman and Alex Kingston reprising their roles in this episode it also featured a brief appearance by Yee Jee Tso.

    Apart from Doctor Who, all of Yee Jee Tso’s work on television, at least the ones I have seen, has him making very brief appearances in  TV shows and this Arrow episode is no exception.

    I however did not ever imagine he would be in the same episode with that of two fellow Doctor Who companions.

    Sad that Dinah finds out that Sara is dead with Quentin still kept in the dark about it.

    Shocking that a DNA finding has implicated Oliver with Sara’s murder. We soon get the suggestion that Thea due to her having the same DNA and the discovery that she lied about when she got back to Starling City, amongst many things. I am with Oliver in finding it inconceivable that Thea had killed Sara.

    The episode title refers to a climb on a mountain and a shocking cliffhanger, well kind of, when Ra’s al Ghul beten Oliver in a fight and what he does with him afterwards.


    Theta Sigma MP

    My Name Is Oliver Queen:

    Season 3 finale.

    Grant Gustin pops up here as The Flash but his comment here about having to deal with Wells makes continuity confusing between Arrow & The Flash since The Flash episode Rogue Air which came on just before this Arrow episode has the Arrow himself in Rogue Air in which Wells gets dealt with.

    Diggle called Oliver a son of a b… Not really recklessly said as I don’t recall Diggle ever holding any affection for Moira.

    It is revealed here the primary reason for Ra’s virus on Starling City was to eliminate his nemesis Damien Darhk.

    However Darhk sent an impersonator instead who got killed by Ra’s knowing this very fact.

    There is a sense we will see Darhk in the flesh in the fourth season.

    Impressive Felicity as Atom-Woman as Ray was not available to be Atom-Man at a critical time.

    Good final battle between Oliver and Ra’s with the former of course killing the latter.

    Oliver calls it quits as the Arrow drive off into the sunset with Felicity.

    However considering that a fourth season is along the way how long will this retirement last not to mention he was seen recently in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Arrow has been renewed for a fifth season.

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