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    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 3, Episode 5:
    Quite a moving story about the Downs Syndrome pregnant girl and quite disturbing on seeing the attitudes towards Downs Syndrome people back to when this series was set.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 3, Episode 8:
    Season 3 finale.
    Sad that Chummy loses her mother while Shelagh and Dr Turner get good news as they get to adopt a baby girl.
    This demonstrates the cycle of life as one life ends, another begins.
    This was Jessica Raine’s final episode as Jenny with the death of Chummy’s mother leading her to resign from Nonnatus House to become a Marie Curie nurse.
    As older Jenny explains in her narration that as her story has ended the story of her friends continues hence why there is still going to be a season 4 without Jenny.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Even before the 2014 Christmas Special and season 4 in 2015, Call The Midwife has been renewed for a fifth season to be aired in 2016 in addition to the 2015 Christmas Special.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Clips of the 2014 Call The Midwife Christmas Special included in the BBC Showreel of its festive line-up:


    Theta Sigma MP

    2014 Christmas Special:

    Although Jessica Raine (Jenny) has already left the series, Jenny still appears here, presumably for the last time, as we see instead Vanessa Redgrave finally on-screen as mature Jenny.

    Jessica Raine still appears as young Jenny through pictures in mature Jenny’s home.

    Not bad as it looked back to what happened to the other midwives sometime after Jenny left them including the appalling conditions at the home for expectanct mothers before it was taken over by Chummy and Patsy.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 1:

    Season 4 opener.

    Debut of Charlotte Ritchie as nurse Barbara Gilbert and what a delightful addition she is.

    Although Jessica Raine has already left the series, Vanessa Redgrave still narrates as mature Jenny. I mean if this is being told from Jenny’s perspective shouldn’t it be from where she went to after leaving Nonnatus House. I mean she can hardly have a perspective on events that she wasn’t a witness to.

    What a horrible state that the children was found in and quite sadly to learn from mature Jenny that they didn’t have a happy ending when left the UK to go to Australia but as she says it was hope that made them happy for a while.

    I can’t imagine my own personal life experiences as bad as what those children went through but I do know about hope keeping me happy even if it did not deliver a desired outcome in my life.


    Charlotte Ritchie was interviewed in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph tv guide for its The Last Word feature.


    She says in preparing for the series she watched a birth for research and that “watching some random woman having a baby…was the strangest Sunday night”.


    She also says how she was quickly welcomed by her castmates Helen George  (Patsy) and Emerald Fennell (Trixie) especially since Jessica Raine had been such an integral part of the series.



    Theta Sigma MP

    Correction to my previous post: Helen George plays Trixie and Emerald Fennell plays Patsy.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 2:

    Another new nurse Phyllis Crane comes to Nonnatus House and she is not exactly pleasant to look at.

    Sister Julienne has a reunion with someone from her past and it is revealed that she did not meet with him at a certain meeting when she got her calling to be a nun. This meeting got rectified here.

    I understand the feeling that Sister Julienne was going through here as I had missed out on having coffee with an old schoolfriend something that I will always regret. I am still hoping to have that coffee one day.

    Sad about the stillborn baby.



    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 5:

    Harrowing seeing Dr Turner, when he made a mistake with a diagnosis of a baby, beating himself over it.

    Nice to see Cynthia, now Sister Mary Cythia returning to Nonnatus House.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 6:

    Antepenultimate episode of season 4.

    Guest stars Maria Doyle Kennedy as an expectant mother who ultimately gives birth to a baby. Coincidentally a few days before seeing this episode saw her in new movie Jupiter Ascending in which she also gives birth to a baby, in that case the movie title character, in that movie.

    I have seen Maria Doyle Kennedy in another BBC series Orphan Black but the one BBC series I like to see her in one day is Doctor Who.

    Did not like the other storyline about the pregnant diabetic young woman.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 7:

    Penultimate episode of season 4.

    Guest starred Lisa Greenwood, David Ryall and Una Stubbs.

    Ryall actually died on Christmas 2014 just over two months before this episode aired on March 1 2015 and this episode is dedicated to his memory.

    Two pregnant old schoolfriends (one of which played by Lisa Greenwood) are reunited just as they are about to give birth to their babies but these old schoolfriends have drifted apart and it is very sad when that happens.

    The situation was made worse when their babies were accidentally switched. Thankfully this was detected quite early when the babies were still newly born instead of many years later in which emotional issues would complicate matters.

    Unfortunately baby switches can still occur in today’s world and I can only hope that such switches are forever prevented in future but I can’t say with any confidence that such a prevention is a 100% guarantee.




    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 4, Episode 8:

    Season 4 finale.

    Absolutely sad the tragedy that struck Delia which damaged her brain making her difficult to remember Patsy.

    Absolutely impressive with what Trixie said at the support group in a line that was superbly delivered by Helen George as  Trixie.



    Theta Sigma MP

    2015 Christmas Special:
    A quarantine sure put a spanner for a planned BBC broadcast but thankfully things got resolved on this.
    Iris sure carried a surprise with her one that she didn’t even know about until now.
    Quite harrowing when Sister Monica Joan wander off and ended up at her old home. Quite the sentimentality that was played with her being at said home.

    Meanwhile Call The Midwife has been commissioned for a 2016 Christmas Special and a sixth season in 2017.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 5, Episode 2:
    Interesting plotline when baby formula was still a new idea.
    Sad about the case that Barbara is on with a woman giving birth to her baby just shortly before the death of the baby’s father.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 5, Episode 4:
    A young man who is about to go to university finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant with his baby.
    As this is set in 1961, the young man was inevitably engaged to his girlfriend. However the engagement was called off as she had a miscarriage and he free to go to university.
    Certainly different today when no such expectation of marriage is an obligation but it is telling of a man’s priorities about impending fatherhood.
    Did not take too well on the nurse that Sister Julienne met at the hospital.
    Shelagh express her amazement that World War II is now taught as history at school.
    Today with the great passage of time, it is easy to take for granted that World War is indeed history to us but in 1961 it was still a relatively recent memory in a lot of people’s minds especially those who fought in it.

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