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    Theta Sigma MP

    Da Vinci’s Demons has been renewed for a third season but series creator David S Goyer is being replaced by as showrunner by John Shiban.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Enemies of Man:
    Penultimate episode of season 2.
    Quite shocking when Clarice killed a villain by stabbing him in the eye.
    Quite literally a fiery end to this episode.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Da Vinci’s Demons will end with its third season.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The third and final season of Da Vinci’s Demons makes its world debut in the US on October 24.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Semper Infidelis:
    Season 3 opener.
    First episode written by new showrunner John Shiban.
    Enjoyable opener to this the final season.
    What a shock for Leonardo that he faced a Turkish tank one that is of his own design.
    As Leonardo ponders, how does he defeat himself.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 3, Episode 2.
    As Da Vinci’s Demons came as a result of a production deal following Torchwood: Miracle Day, it is worthy to note that since this Da Vinci’s Demons episode called Abbadon it is worthy to note in context that a beast called Abbadon had appeared in the Torchwood season 1 finale.
    While still on the subject of Doctor Who-related things, this Da Vinci’s Demons episode marked the series writing debut by Amy Berg and she had included Doctor Who references in Leverage episode that she had written.
    Vanessa sure had a hard time convincing members of Florence’s republic in getting them their influence.
    Sure horrifying that this episode ended with Leonardo making it in time to see Piero’s execution.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Modus Operandi:
    Season 3, Episode 3.
    Shock that Clarice dies here and by her being crucified in the water.
    Quite eerie when Leonardo had a hallucination of her with dissected body.

    Funnily enough whilst watching this episode I suddenly remembered that both Tom Riley (Leonardo) and Lara Pulver (Clarice) both took part in the Robin Hood legend but each in different versions of it.

    Riley had played Robin Hood himself in Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood and Lara Pulver was in the final season of the 2006-09 series of Robin Hood playing Isabella.
    In fact the said Robin Hood series was Lara Pulver’s first ever role and the first time I ever saw her.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Anima Venator:
    Season 3, Episode 5.
    Series directorial debut by Mark Everest and is the first person to have directed both Torchwood & Da Vinci’s Demons although with the former he wasn’t a director on Miracle Day, the circumstances of which led to Da Vinci’s Demons.
    Tense situation with Lucrezia becoming a prisoner underneath a house.
    What a revelation on Lorenzo’s current location.
    Captain Dragonetti is murdered and sure shock to Leonardo on finding out on who killed him.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Liberum Arbitrium:
    Season 3, Episode 6.
    Pretty impressive with Riario in his possessive state including how he tricked those soldiers in freeing him.
    Quite good of Lucrezia in tricking her captive as she free herself of that captivity.


    Theta Sigma MP

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Alis Volat Propriis</span>:
    Season 3, Episode 7.
    Directorial debut in the series by Colin Teague and becomes the second and final person to have directed both Torchwood & Da Vinci’s Demons after Mark Everest.
    Lorenzo goes back to Florence and takes charge again and I don’t really like his new approach to things.
    What a tragedy at the end when Leo’s mother got killed whilst on another plane talking to Sophia.


    Theta Sigma MP

    La Confessione Della Macchina:
    Antepenultimate episode.
    Not bad return of Vlad.
    Quite harrowing seeing Nico in that contraption.
    Intriguing end to the episode with the presentation of the sky


    Theta Sigma MP

    Angelus Iratissimus:
    Penultimate episode.
    Intriguing truths about Leonardo’s newly discovered sister Sophia including that they are only half-siblings.
    Quite a sight of battle at the end in the lead-up to the end of the series.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Ira Deorum:
    Series finale.
    Written by showrunner John Shiban, his second and last for series after writing the final season opener Semper Infidelis.
    Not bad final battle.
    Tragic that Lucrezia got killed.<span class=”text_exposed_hide”>…</span><span class=”text_exposed_show”>
    In retrospect should not be surprising that Riario got himself out of his execution and then killing Sixtus.
    Not bad final scene marking the end of the series.</span>

    It took me sometime to get through this final episode and in the meantime saw two key cast members elsewhere with Laura Haddock (Lucrezia) in Luther season 4 and Elliot Cowan (Lorenzo) in The Frankenstein Chronicles.<b></b><i></i><u></u>

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