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    So I have been re-listening to the Hitchhiker radio dramas and I can’t get over how much I love those things. I have to head to my parents and dig out my compilation book – of all 5 in the series – so I can reread them as the last 3 books were changed slightly for the radio plays. Which is fine, I mean they had to be in some areas, but I am curious how different.

    I just wish that they could have made all 5 books into movies. Harry Potter (which is pretty cool) and this twilight stuff can do it but H2G2 doesn’t get the love. The new film was pretty good but I’d prefer a closer remake to the books or radio plays. Ford prefect has to be one of my favorite all time characters.

    I would prefer to see the main cast remain British too, it just makes sense. Never going to happen though. Shame.



    I think that they were going to make more than one, but the new film didn’t do anywhere near as well as they wanted it to, so sequels were shelved.

    I find that such a shame because it was a decent film. Alright, it was never[/b:3d0ewf4r] going to be able to fully capture Adams’ fantastic style, but considering that they only had a limited budget and length, they did damn well.

    Plus Stephen Fry narrated it&nbsp; <!– s;D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/grin.gif" alt=";D" title="Grin" /><!– s;D –> <!– s;D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/grin.gif" alt=";D" title="Grin" /><!– s;D –>



    Yeah the film wasn’t bad, though it had it’s flaws, but what I meant was I’d like to see movies, or maybe a TV series of all 5 of the books properly. or even an adaptation of the 5 Radio Dramas.

    Thought it’s weird because my favorite character is Ford Prefect, I love the voice he has in the radio plays but I always picture Ford from the BBC Tv series. I love the whole radio cast though, so I guess a TV series or movie would have a long way to go to get it right all over again.



    I really didn’t like the film at all, apart from Stephen Fry as the voice of the book. I just found it dull and charmless. But then I’ve been a fan since the original broadcasts on Radio 4 and I guess I am a bit set in my ways about how the characters should be portrayed.



    I agree that a lot of things in the new movie were not to my liking, character development among them, but the one thing that has been with Hitchhiker’s since day one is change. Every time there has been a telling of it’s story it has been different in some way, so that made me feel better about the movie and is how I am able to enjoy it. It’s just on more telling. Not my preferred telling, but still.

    I saw the BBC show first, then quickly fell in love with the radio dramas. Read the books after that and then got the last 3 radio dramas when they were made. The of course saw the film (those last two could be in the wrong order). Out of all of that, I have my favorite moments from each of the. Those moments in one version would make me very happy.



    I just saw the film not too long ago, and I wasn’t really that impressed with it.&nbsp; The opening of the movie was great, but while the rest of it was ‘good’, it wasn’t ‘great’.&nbsp; And to justify the cost of movie&nbsp; I think you need to have something great enough that it will be a blockbuster.&nbsp;

    I should mention as well that the movie is my only exposure to H2G2.&nbsp;

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