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    I met Quentin Tarantino in the toilets at the world premiere of "Reservoir Dogs" at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh where he talked, mainly at me, for a good half an hour and left me convinced that here was a man destined to overthrow Kubrick as the greatest Hollywood director of all time. This looked set to be concrete after the fantastic Pulp Fiction and now with his latest piece of work he has arguably become the worst.
    I couldn’t care less about a film being historically correct, I rather enjoyed The Patriot even, so I wasn’t looking to give high marks in that particular respect and while IB is a work of serious fiction it is also a terrible, terrible movie. Aside from the production values and some very workmanlike cinematography and direction this is the most overhyped load of tosh I have ever seen, ridiculously bad acting and a completely boring, plodding story make this even worse than Grindhouse.
    The Titular Nazi scalping team are in it for about 10 minutes, there is hardly any action at all and yet again every actor talks like Tarantino would talk if he was in their position, and boy do they talk.
    Utter, total and complete RUBBISH!
    The only way Tarantino could now "return to form" is if he goes back working in the video rental shop and stops making movies. As for the actor playing the main Nazi, who is being widely tipped to win an Oscar, my dad could be more menacing, in fact he probably is.
    I cannot stress this strongly enough, this film is CRAP.

    0/10 – Nothing good or memorable about Inglourious Basterds at all, just like Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 and 2 and Deathproof.

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