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    Series opener.
    Enjoyable beginning to the series.
    Catriona Balfe makes for a very good lead as protagonist Claire Randall as she accidentally goes back in time from the 1940s to 1743.
    The main male character is Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan. In fact his character was the reason why I decided to watch Outlander as Outlander author Diana Gabaldon revealed that the character was inspired by Doctor Who’s Jamie McCrimmon and the name Jamie Fraser is an amalgamation of Jamie and a variation of Frazer, the first name of Jamie McCrimmon actor Frazer Hines. So in a way Outlander has allowed Jamie McCrimmon to return to television.
    Well handled on how Claire adjusted to her being in 1743 including modern (from her perspective) concepts to the people of 1743 and will be interesting to see what happens next from here.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Outlander has been renewed for a second season.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Way Out:
    Season 1, Episode 3.
    Directed by Brian Kelly.
    Guest stars Tim McInnerny and John Sessions.
    The preview for this episode had shown Mrs Fitz declaring Claire a witch after the latter told her she is from the future. Somehow I should not surprise that this turned out to be a dream.
    A very good episode of showing Claire’s abilities as a healer when she helped Mrs Fitz’s nephew.
    Some hope for Claire upon hearing the intriguing folktale about the stones.
    However since Outlander had recently been renewed for a second season, what it says in this episode’s title will be quite a while yet.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Gathering:
    Season 1, Episode 4.
    Directed by Brian Kelly.
    Also the name of a Torchwood episode. Kelly himself was a Torchwood director but not that particular Torchwood episode as he directed the first two episodes of Torchwood instead.
    Not bad episode but her plan hit a snag when she tried to carry this plan through.
    However her plan ultimately gets stalled due to an act of kindness that she displayed when she helped out a dying man on a boar hunt.
    An example of how one person’s good deeds works against this very same person.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Season 1, Episode 5.
    Directed by Brian Kelly.
    Given Outlander’s setting this episode and despite its title does not have Claire looking for an apartment to rent (a thought that at least one reviewer had anticipated).
    It is instead has Claire travelling with Dougal.
    It was sure intense the moment that Claire was taken out of the company of the other women, a reminder of a time that women was still under the control of men.
    The Battle of Culloden gets mentioned here and I first knew about this battle when it got depicted in the Doctor Who story The Highlander, the story that introduced Jamie McCrimmon who inspired Outlander’s own Jamie.
    What a way to end this episode with that English soldier asked Claire whether Dougal had taken her against her will but the episode ends before she could answer the question.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The second half of Outlander season 1 will make its world debut in the US on April 4 2015.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Theta Sigma MP

    The Reckoning:

    Mid-season 1 opener.

    Jamie saved his wife Claire from what Randall was about to do to her.

    By 21st century standards it was absolutely deplorable that Jamie demanded Claire apologise by what Randall was going to do to her and then punish her for it.

    Served him right when Claire refused to let him in their bed before really making things up at the end where Claire discovers a disturbing gift with a gun.


    Theta Sigma MP

    By The Pricking of My Thumb:

    Season 1, Episode 10.

    Guest stars Simon Callow as the Duke of Sandringham.

    After the death of Geillis’ husband it sure took Geillis some time to react in horror to his death.

    Quite an astounding ending in which both Claire and Geillis got arrested for witchcraft.



    Theta Sigma MP

    The Devil’s Mark:

    Season 1, Episode 11.

    The episode title refers to the mark left behind on one’s skin after a vaccination.

    Of course such a mark could easily be construed as coming from the Devil to 18th century folks.

    What a gruelling trial for both Claire and Geillis.

    What a revelation from Geillis that she too is from the future but much further than Claire as Geillis is from  1968.

    It sure took a lot for Claire to tell Jamie that she comes from the future even though it was a lot of him take in.

    Having finally reached the stones, it is remarkable that she ultimately decided to stay with Jamie,


    Theta Sigma MP


    Season 1, Episode 12.

    Lallybroch is Jamie’s family home and it wasn’t quite smooth homecoming for Jamie as he comes back with Claire.

    I thought that Jenny was rather unfairly harsh to new sister-in-law Claire. Jenny had an instant rudeness to Claire when there was apparent no need for such rudeness to exist.

    Thrilling cliffhanger with Jamie and Claire held hostage at their own house.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Watch:

    Season 1, Episode 13.

    As there was a reward for Jamie’s head, Jenny came up with the cover story that Jamie is her cousin rather than her brother.

    Whether it is a coincidence or not Frazer Hines, whose Doctor Who character Jamie McCrimmon is the inspiration for Outlander’s Jamie. has a brother Ian (who himself appeared in one of Frazer’s Doctor Who stories The Mind Robber) had at one time got mistaken to be Frazer’s cousin!

    Pretty enjoyable episode which saw a blackmailer getting killed and Jamie joining the Watch in their raid leading to a thrilling cliffhanger about Jamie’s fate after their party got ambushed by the Redcoats.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Search:

    Antepenultimate episode of season 1.

    The episode title refers to Claire’s search of Jamie.

    This search involved her singing a song from her own time but that not stopped other people singing it since this was a time in which copyright did not exist. Good singing though.

    At the end Claire finds out Jamie’s location but it unfortunately resulted in her making an unpleasant deal.


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    Wentworth Prison:

    Penultimate episode of season 1.

    Guest stars Frazer Hines. Hines of course played Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who and who became the inspiration for Outlander’s own Jamie.

    Here Hines plays Sir Fletcher Gordon, the governor of the episode title prison.

    Claire goes into the said prison to rescue Jamie but Randall walks in on this rescue. Quite intense on what went on in the prison from this point on.


    Theta Sigma MP

    To Ransom a Man’s Soul:

    Season 1 finale.

    Guest stars Ian Hanmore as a monl and he also played a monk in Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw.

    Tooth and Claw is a Doctor Who episode that did not feature but had a mention of the Doctor’s former companion Jamie McCrimmon, albeit as Dr James McCrimmon and Doctor Who’s Jamie was the inspiration for Outlander’s own Jamie Fraser.

    Harrowing that this episode is the aftermath of Jamie’s rape by Randall and dealing with the aftereffects of it and hence what the episode title alluded to.

    They are slowly coming to terms with what has happened culminating with Jamie and Claire boarding the ship and that particular news that Claire gives to Jameie especially how unexpected it was.

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