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    Just finished series 8. How the heck are they going to make a movie to pick up after that and still make it for the general public?!

    I love this show, it’s a comedy while at the same time it is an adventure series with a continuing plot. So I got hooked into thier journey and now I’m left with them stuck in another mirror dimension and rimmer on the run from death traped in an dying red dwarf in our dimention.

    So who else would like to see the movie… now?



    Was Series 8 the one where it turned out red dwarf was shrunk by the nanobots and was actually in star bug, the nanobots were commanded to rebuild the ship in real size and as a result of this the long-dead crew were reborn?



    That was the end of season 7, but yes it lead into seaon 8 where they all got put in prison on the red dwarf.



    I think the movie is pretty much on hold though, surely?

    After all, Craig Charles is busy in Coronation Street these days…



    yes it is, they can’t get anyone to back it and let them still have the control they want.



    Surpise Surprise!

    Seriously, I though series 8 started OK – but then I kind of lost interest, which is weird.

    I think its screwed though, really. Development hell forever.

    maybe they should get Simon Pegg and his mate to do it, sort of Shaun of the Dead in space.

    Oh. RTD did that already with New Earth{/i], didn’t he?



    ive yet to see any dwarf…would like too..where do i begin and what are some highlight episodes?



    honestly you should start with the first series. they do have an order, or moreso a story that continues. but I think 5 and 6 had some of the funniest moments.



    I introduced Lenny – my 10 year old lad – to Red Dwarf recently. He loves it and has so far worked his way through every video and dvd available at the local library, plus all of the episodes my mum still had on tape from the last time it was broadcast here in Aus…

    (I was really surprised to find out that mum actually taped it…)



    Finally started watching this, and so far so good, although I’m not sure about the ‘cat’. <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smiley.gif" alt=":)" title="Smiley" /><!– s:) –>

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