Robin of Sherwood

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    Anyone remember this?  I’m watching it on ITV3 right now…



    Saw some recently as my girlfriend loved it and got some of the Praed episodes on DVD (before we realised it’s on ITV3 very regularly!)

    It’s so much better than the recent BBC version, because it’s better cast, and it has that supernatural undertone which the new one lacks. Apart from Keith Allen, arguably, the recent cast are nonentities – an eerie lack of charisma abounds! The music’s like an 80s shampoo commercial in the old series, though.

    ITV3 is one of the few really good things about having freeview if you can’t get BBC4 (like me!) They show Cribb, for God’s sake! On very late, though, as is Raffles.

    It was also good to see Cracker again recently, the vintage ones.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Pretender:
    Antepenultimate story.
    The casting for this episode is quite curious for Doctor Who fans as it guest starred First Doctor companion actor William Russell (Ian) as The Duke of Gloucester and Cory Pulman (later to play Ace’s grandmother Kathleen Dudman in The Curse of Fenric) as Queen Isabella.
    Reece Dinsdale is quite good as the episode title character and it wasn’t what he appear to be.
    Quite surprising what Queen Isabella did in one of her last scenes thanks very much to the performance of Cory Pulman.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The Time of the Wolf Part 2:
    Series finale.
    While I saw this episode several weeks ago, the following remarks is deliberately timed to fellow Robin Hood narrative Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood.
    Pretty good and somewhat sad ending to Robin of Sherwood.
    That doppelganger of Robin was quite creepy and his death, in which Marian thought he was the real Robin, led to her making a certain decision that ultimately presents a tragedy between her and the real Robin.
    A sombre note to end the series.

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