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    Working nights I get to see a lot of old reruns on the old cable channel.

    Lately, Tales of the Unexpected has been running.  I was a little young when they ran originally.  I’ve watched a few now and I have to say, Wow!  I understand Roald Dahl wrote a lot of them and it proves there was no end to his talents as a creative writer.

    The stories are captivating and I’ve gotten used to the twist in the tale but I seldom guess correctly what it’s going to be.  Missing them first time around is to my advantage, great entertainment at 6am.

    Was anyone else a fan?



    I have hazy memories of it from first time round, Tyeler.

    Me and her indoors have watched tons of them on digi, and we’ve noticed they seem to be repeating the repeats now!

    Sadly, we find most of them poor, and not unexpected at all. We watch it for kitsch comedy value and to see who’s in it. There are some recurring names and faces – Joan Collins, Sir Johnny Gielgud ("Dear old Johnny!") and even Jacqueline Hill, our very own Babs Wright, in some unfamiliar roles.

    There have been one or two gems: can I recommend one called Fly-paper? It’s about a young heroine being followed home from school by a man who may or may not be her schoolmate’s killer. I was stunned by this one! Creepy as hell.



    The Joan Collins one was on the other night.  It was a bit bizarre, she got her head stuck in a piece of modern art.  The late Michael Aldridge was in it too.  I’ve also seen Bernard Cribbins as well.



    JC was in at least 3 of them. Sir Derek was in a couple too.

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