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    Just saw the fourth film of the Terminator franchise and I thought it was fair, although it still does not touch the best film of the series T2: Judgment Day, but none of the other three did.
    This is supposed to be the first film in a new trilogy taking place not too long after the nuclear disaster took place in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and as such the Terminators the heroes of the resistance face are less advanced then most we have seen in the past.

    I know there are a lot of chronological errors with continuity in this film, but I’ll stay away from those besides wondering how John Connor found recordings of his Mother’s teachings, as I don’t think he had these in the bunker at the end of T3, and I also know that most shows and films that dip into time travel and it’s complexities run into problems especially after four films and a TV series.

    The effects are great, and I love the first Terminator machines, they are actually scarier then the later ones to me, to say nothing of the motorcycle Terminator and the giant one to appear withing the film.

    The plot follows John Connor and the resistances plan to use a signal to disable Skynet and the machines, but along the way John’s party gets involved with Marcus Wright, an ex con who survived Judgment Day but was also subject to a strange experiment by Cyberdine. he meets up with a young Kyle Reese who will one day go back in time to become John Connor’s father.

    I won’t give the rest away, but it is full of action and fares much better then most continuations do at this point in the history of it’s respective franchise’s. I give it a good, and it bodes well for the future movies, even with all the plot problems and the CGI Arnie that makes a cameo at the end!
    One of the better Summer blockbusters out there this year…
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    I’m looking forward to seeing this – havent been to the flicks in a while

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