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    Theta Sigma MP

    The third episode of The Real History of Science Fiction presented by Mark Gatiss, Invasion, looked at Doctor Who with Daleks and Cybermen being a focus on what it says in the episode title.
    Doctor Who clips represented here were that of Dalek Invasion of Earth, Tomb of the Cybermen, The Invasion, Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel, Doomsday, The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End & The Pandorica Opens.
    Talking about the Daleks and Cybermen here were Karen Gillan, David Tennant, Steven Moffat, Neil Gaiman, Adam Rogers and Charlie Jane Anders.

    A pretty good representation of the Daleks and Cybermen here with Tennant stating that the Daleks had become a worldwide phenomenon and Gatiss stating that the Daleks got competition from the Cybermen.
    Good presentation of why both the Daleks and Cybermen were very terrifying as invaders.


    Theta Sigma MP

    The fourth and final episode of The Real History of Science Fiction presented by Mark Gatiss, Time, looked at Doctor Who as part of the episode’s focus on time travel.
    Gatiss in introducing Doctor Who here says there are hapless and accidental time travellers but there are masters of time travel that of the Time Lords and one of these Time Lords is the Doctor.
    Gatiss says that Doctor Who enduring appeal is that of complex character of the Doctor.

    Comments on Doctor Who here came from Steven Moffat, David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Neil Gaiman.
    Moffat pointed out that the Doctor is the only time traveller he knows who lives in his time machine which is something I didn’t realise that he was only one to have a time machine as his humble abode until now.
    Karen Gillan pointed out what everybody has noticed is that the TARDIS is the Doctor’s greatest love.
    It is here it showed the clip of her as Amy in The Doctor’s Wife saying that the Doctor and TARDIS will always be together long after they the companions are gone.
    This focus on Doctor Who came about in the first half of this episode and the clips that were shown here includes An Unearthly Child, The Christmas Invasion, Girl In The Fireplace, Doomsday, The Shakespeare Code, Voyage of the Damned, The Next Doctor, The End of Time & The Doctor’s Wife. There is also snippets showing some of the Doctors which I am not able to identify which episodes they are from without looking them up.

    The episode returns to Doctor Who towards the end when The Time Traveler’s Wife was brought up with Gatiss saying that both Doctor Who & The Time Traveler’s Wife presented the emotional impact of the time traveller and those closest to him.
    The first of the Doctor Who clips shown here was that of School Reunion when Rose realises the true impact of travelling with the Doctor after having just met Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor saying that he can live on but his companions can’t.
    In fact like The Time Traveler’s Wife as Gatiss pointed out the companions sees the price that is being paid of time travelling.
    Other clips shown here at this end point of the episode were from The King’s Demons, Terror of the Vervoids, Remembrance of the Daleks, The End of the World, The Christmas Invasion & The End of Time.
    Quite well done with Doctor Who being presented at different points of this episode first with what Doctor Who has always been about and then its commonality with The Time Traveler’s Wife.


    Theta Sigma MP

    William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, Zoe Saldana, Richard Dreyfuss, Rutger Hauer, Nichelle Nichols and Edward James Olmos were among the sci fi luminaries that wished Doctor Who a happy 50th birthday last year in 2013, best wishes that were filmed for the BBC.
    Yesterday I finished watching The Real History of Science Fiction presented by Mark Gatiss which had interviews with the aforementioned actors and it looks like they had wished Doctor Who, a happy 50th whilst being interviewed for The Real History of Science Fiction.

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