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    So now I’ve discovered Warehouse 13.

    It is a nice romp through the somewhat supernatural, somewhat secretive, all around good bit of entertainment.

    The pace of the first few episodes (that’s all I have seen so far) seem to be a well paced and deliberate way of walking people who have a high "entertainment threshold" to a new way of story telling. It is a great place for us people who like good story telling in a show, to accept many of the modern aspects of basic cable science fiction.

    It is wonderful to see a series (at least season one) that seems to develop the characters, hide some secrets, and make us truly enjoy the ride. I am still not a big fan of "pulp science fiction" that appears on TV, but this is different. The characters get developed, secrets are alluded to, plots thicken.

    One of the big reasons that seems to work is the phenomenal writing. The first story is a great example;
    One of the main characters is shown to be flawed, another main character is shown to have baggage, and another main character is introduced in a mysterious and rather odd way.

    Having no preconceptions about the show, and never looking for spoilers, each episode is a wonderful roller coaster of a ride for me.

    So, if you are ever at the video store, and stumble upon Warehouse 13 (season one), I would highly recommend renting it.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Secret Services:
    Season 5, Episode 2.
    This episode has people drowning in dry land. Doctor Who had such a situation in Mind of Evil & The Shakespeare Code.
    The premise of people drowning in dry land triggered by lying was handled well here unfortunately it was somewhat marred with the subplot of Pete and Myka discovering their former colleagues in the Secret Service had become a couple.
    The continuing plotline of Claudia’s sister Claire was quite fascinating to see with what went on to lead to where she is now including how their parents really died.



    Probably best to put spoiler alerts in for ‘anonymous’ if you’re reviewing S5 :)

    Ps agreed. I think it’s picked up again for what is to be the last series.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Anonymous posted this thread almost two years ago and was the only poster in this thread and hasn’t come back since.
    So I don’t think spoilers alerts are necessary here.

    A Faire to Remember:
    Season 5, Episode 3.
    Guest stars Alphas alums Ryan Cartwright and Erin Way but this is not a crossover with Alphas as they play different characters and not reprising their Alphas characters. The fact that this is not a crossover with Alphas despite the appearance of the said Alphas alums is in contrast they had been one between Warehouse 13 & Alphas when the former’s Vanessa Calder turned up in the latter series.
    The setting that Ryan Cartwright and Erin Way were in is somewhat similar to one in a recent Grimm episode The Show Must Go On.
    Ryan Cartwright and Erin Way played love interests to each other which I don’t think is what they did in Alphas.
    Not bad execution of the Faire parts of the episode and quite funny what Pete let himself in for when he took the jilted princess on a pity date.
    The other plot has Claudia with Myka’s help in waking up Claire after a long time.
    Quite creepy seeing the lighting up of Myka’s eyes.
    Very moving on Claudia and Claire spending quality time with each other and what a tragedy that the latter had to go back to her coma in order to defeat the menace that was present here.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Savage Seduction:
    Antepenultimate episode.
    Pete and Myka helps out the former’s ex-girlfriend Kelly which ultimately sees them along with Artie in a telenovela to get Kelly’s grandmother out of there.
    Meanwhile as a distraction from Claire, Claudia and Pete goes to a college to get an artifact that duplicates its users.
    The two plotlines makes for a very lacklustre episode.
    The return of Kelly here was not needed and certainly not well done and the whole telenovela storyline was insipidly done and aided badly by a very bad fanfare.
    The college storyline was just plain silly especially when Pete was accidentally duplicated.
    The only saving grace for this episode although not much is the last scene when Artie revealed to Claudia that someone has taken Claire.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Cangku Shisi:
    Penultimate episode.
    The episode title means Warehouse 14 in Mandarin. As this episode presented a Warehouse 14 along of course Warehouse 13, Doctor Who incidentally had a Warehouse 15 in Planet of the Ood.
    Mark Sheppard made his final appearance as Valda in this episode and it is from the alternate timeline seen in the season opener Endless Terror.
    Very good how birds got killed with one stone with Claire finally returned to a normal state and how Valda got defeated.
    Just as these problems got resolved, more problems came about at episode end as these new problems set up what is to come in the series finale Endless.


    Theta Sigma MP

    Ironic name for the series finale.
    What an absolute woeful way to end the series with the characters looking at moments in their lives that define their careers at the warehouse.
    Surprising to see Artie’s son being revealed here and Mr Fredericks is seen through the flashback machine but not by the audience.
    Surprising by the last scene that ends this episode and the series with what became of Claudia.
    Warehouse 13 is a series that had a depreciation of during the course of viewing it.
    At the beginning I had like it but I eventually liked it less as the series progressed and Endless sure capped my depreciation of the series.
    I don’t think that I will miss Warehouse 13 at all.



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