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    Yeah, I too thought Geoff’s post was a great read – way more entertaining than Jacqueline Rayner’s increasingly tedious column in DWM.

    Yes, I find it tedious because it focuses too much on what the series teaches kids in terms of life messages, etc. Personally, I couldn’t give a stuff about that – give ’em the sodding Lion King if that’s what they’re after. Doctor Who should be unwholesome and scary entertainment.



    So, finally got to see the Web of Fear on Sunday afternoon – we have been thwarted by all sorts of family invasions, fun afternoons spent in casualty when my eldest daughter broke her foot again (I can only think she has a grudge against her foot for some reason – this is the third time with the same foot!), and various other distractions. But on Sunday we were determined – no more excuses.

    I’ve loved this story since reading the Target paperback as a child and was nervous it wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. The others in the family knew nothing about it except that I was excited. Oh, and that it had Yeti in it.

    I needn’t have worried – we all adored it! It was a well-paced, atmospheric, spine-tingling epic. To see the first appearance of the Brig (as he became) was great, though obviously none of us of course thought for one second that he was the traitor – speaking of which, I, from my reading, knew who the traitor was, but was interested in my daughters thoughts – they plumped for the obvious choice and were horrified when the true traitor was revealed – they had loved the character.

    I just get more and more enthused for Patrick Troughton’s portrayal of the Doctor, his gentleness and his quick wry wit. Jamie as usual is a delight, but I am afraid that Victoria has been voted the best person to feed to a Yeti by the children and I can’t say I disagree with them! Spineless, whimpering, useless – all words (and more) were used in our discussion about her.

    The sets were superb and the lighting very atmospheric. However, the children were not all impressed with the Yeti as a scary monster – apparently they were too cuddly and furry to be taken seriously.

    We all voted it a 10/10. Though it was a shame that they made Silverstein such a stereotypical Jew.



    Black Orchid.
    This, for some reason, is one of my favorite episodes. It’s basically a costume drama and the costumes are fantastic! Also, I had a terrible crush on Sarah Sutton when I was a kid. This episode gave her a chance to show off as Nyssa and Ann.
    The story is a strange one and one I think the book does more for it than the televised story. There’s a bit in the televised story that needs reading into and filling in gaps yourself.
    I thought all of the acting was great, everyone played their parts well. And the location was extraordinary. I love that house. And my Doctor got to play cricket! I love the looks between the two alien companions during the game. I sympathized with them as I also know nothing of cricket.
    Great, simple story with no inherently evil entity or alien menace; just a case of mistaken identity and a who-done-it type mystery.

    For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about!



    OOOOh just watching the 50th Special again. Haven’t watched it for around 6 months.

    Watching it again after a lay off, it is absolutely wonderful, magical, witty with brilliant performances, cameos, nods to the past, to the future. Perfect.

    I rather liked it :)

Viewing 4 posts - 166 through 169 (of 169 total)

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